Review of Decor Innovation’s Insulated Blackout Curtain Set

Decor Innovation loves making curtains and it shows in the set we are reviewing today. These are specifically made to help reduce noise and cooling costs and look to be a great buy for anyone looking to get a nice set of curtains.

Here are the benefits and features these curtains bring:

  • Blackout – 99% Blackout to allow you to control how much or how little light you want any time of the day. No problems at all of light sneaking its way through on even the brightest day.
  • Well priced – Currently with shipping you’re looking to be spending a decent bit for the entire set but its not too bad. It’s a set and not a panel so no worries about needing to spend an additional amount for another panel.
  • High quality – The quality in these curtains really show and when they said Hotel quality curtains they weren’t kidding.
  • Insulating – Specifically made to help insulate from heat and cold helping you reduce heating and cooling costs. You will make some of your investment back with these curtains.
  • Noise reduction – Does reduce noise by at least 30%!
  • 4 lovely elegant looking colors to choose from: Navy, Gold, Burgundy, and Beige. There are also other similar variations to this set that have several more colors to choose from too.
  • Machine washable! In cold water of course.

Overall these are a wonderful set of curtains if you want to keep the light out any time of the day. With the specific design to help insulate you can keep the room at comfortable temperatures. An additional and most important benefit in my mind is the noise reduction. These will help quiet down busy areas and make sleep time far more enjoyable! Also almost forgot to include that these curtains look amazing and really standout well.

While you can buy these currently at Decor Innovation’s own site you get to save at least 5 dollars by buying through Amazon.

Amazon: Energy Saving Insulated Blackout Curtain Set by Decor Innovation