At Soundproof we are dedicated in helping you have the peace and quite you want and deserve. In order to accomplish this we’re expanding past just curtains for information and now including information about soundproofing in your home. Living RoomThis includes curtains, windows, walls, and other forms working towards soundproofing your home from the bedroom to the living room.

Soundproofing your house can add that much needed comfort in your everyday life where you spend most of your day relaxing and being with your family. We will continually update this information to provide you with the resources you need and always feel free to contact us or leave comments on what you would like added. Your comfort is our happiness!


Curtains – Curtains can add that additional layer of protection against unwanted noise coming into your home. While in most cases not as good as stopping noise as windows and walls they still can help out. Most curtains made today are thin but there are still some made today that help stop noise. Other possibilities include hanging two sets of curtains or at least curtains that have multiple layers to them.


Windows – Normal windows are the bane of many people’s peaceful night sleep. Windows let in a lot more noise especially if thin or old as they are not up to today’s quality standard of windows. In most cases only homeowners have the ability to replace these windows with newer more soundproof windows if they so desire. However the price to replace windows with soundproof windows can get quite costly but can stop a lot of unwanted noise. The difference can be night and day for a lot of people. If living in an apartment and renting check with your landlord on possibilities of getting new windows if they need replacement or repairs.


Walls – Walls in some older homes are usually much thinner than what is used today however that does not mean a new home will have thicker walls. All homes are built differently and even the best built house close to a really busy road can still let in noise. For the handyman in a house though the possibilities of replacing drywall with thicker or specialized soundproofing drywall is there but can be very costly.



Other – Things like insulation between walls and adding furniture is commonly missed as ways to help soundproof a home. Some simple fixes all added together can make a huge difference and should never be overlooked.