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Review of Stylemaster Grammercy Grommet Drapery Window Panel Curtains

Here we are looking at some curtains made by Stylemaster. The simplest and quickest way to describe these curtains is the word thin.

Lets review the benefits and features these curtains bring:

  • Decently priced – The price per panel doesn’t go too high even with shipping.
  • High durability – These curtains are 100% polyester so these should last you a while.
  • Metal Grommets – Very easy to open and close your curtains and no fear about curtain fabric getting caught.
  • Light weight – Any curtain rod should be able to support these.
  • Oversized width – Allows you to cover a bigger window without the need of purchasing more panels.
  • 6 Lovely colors to choose from! However there has been complaints noticed that sometimes the colors aren’t really what they say they are.
  • Machine washable – Always a good thing.

The not so good features:

  • NOT Blackout – You will see light through these even at night.
  • While it’s stated that it can help reduce heating costs, since light gets through it really isn’t helping on that standpoint.
  • Too Thin – These won’t help you keep a room quiet besides maybe a light wind.

An overall nice set of curtains made by Stylemaster but with them being thin, not blackout, and complaints about odd colors these are probably to be avoided. Also with zero noise reduction noticed there are going to be better alternatives. They are fairly cheap though so trying them out won’t cost too much.

On some good news, you can buy them straight from amazon and is even eligible for free shipping for Amazon Prime members!

These are panels so make sure to buy two if covering a larger window.

Amazon: Stylemaster Grammercy Grommet Drapery Window Panel