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Top 5 Blackout Curtains you will love in Summer!

Summer is here and it’s time to shop for something that’ll keep out that sunlight but also look nice for the home. Of course you’re thinking but I don’t want to keep out the sunlight entirely but…well maybe when you want to sleep in on the weekends so lets look at good options to buy! Our top five picks are all blackout curtains that stop the sunlight and help make your room even quieter in this noise filled world.

First pick of summer we start off with light color of yellow and white in a gorgeous floral pattern. Right away just makes you feel like the sun and flowers are right there inside your house with you even at night! The color isn’t too bright or dark to really make it a nice feel for any room but we do recommend the living room for these.

Just wake up every morning, open these curtains, and look outside to see the real sun and flowers but when you can’t see them, maybe these will be a nice hint that summer is here. At night it’ll give you a hint to not work the day away and you should head outside tomorrow to taken in all that lovely sunlight.

For our next pick we went with these lovely dark blue with lines in them as they remind us of the awesome summer nights with the stars in the sky. Summer night time is the perfect time to get the bonfire going and watch the stars fly by as the night passes. Well now you can have that same feeling at home when the lights go low in the room and you can’t see the lovely stars from where you’re currently but these can be a nice reminder of those wonderful nights.

A nice little zoomin to show the details. These are definitely a good fit for anyone who wants a darker bedroom day and night.

At spot number three for July is these very soothing purple curtains that remind us of the rain at night. The gradient adds a unique twist to the typical one solid color curtains that most people go with. This feels like a washing of rain to take away the heat of summer day and for some of us that have to spend a lot of time outside in the heat these may help remind us of that cool we desperately need at night.

On a calm summer’s night with a light rain can just put some of us in a relaxed and calmed state. Not everyone loves the rain but we do here and hope you do to and want to check these out!

Our second from the top pick for July is these long teal curtains with solid silver grommets. Hopefully you have been to the sea this year but well even if you haven’t these wonderfully color teal curtains will really brighten a room and remind you of the sea all day long. That fresh warm sea air and nothing else to see for miles around just sounds like the most relaxing time especially during these times.

Highly recommend other sea related colors to go alongside these inside the house like white or cream color furniture or decorations. Should put a very nice feel to the room and make it feel even more relaxing!

Our number one pick for July is these absolutely wonderful triple weave microfiber curtains in beautifully summer color of Coral. Nothing reminds us more of the beach than the color coral and this curtain set really does the job.

Plus the nice feel of the curtains and that they are insulated nicely you can keep them up all year round if you really want. For us though it’s for Summer only. Take a look into these lovely curtains!

We hope you all have an absolutely lovely relaxing summer! Come back soon for more curtain suggestions!

Lets talk room darkness.

The Problem

You’re trying to fall asleep. You toss and turn and you think to yourself….”sigh, nothing seems to work, I will never fall asleep.” One thing that we’ve seen and heard people talk about is just how difficult it is to block out everything. Everything from street lights to cars passing by and in today’s crowded cities its only getting worse. Sure you can get somewhat use to it but doesn’t really fully solve the problem especially when you’re a light sleeper. Then it doesn’t matter even little amounts of distractions can be bad. Lets see what we can do about this problem. Lets focus on light again.

The Understanding

Not everyone likes purely dark rooms but if you’ve never slept in a pure dark room before you maybe missing out on a really relaxing experience. When there’s less light in all forms you’ve got less for your mind to see and think about. Instead it can now focus more on the job at hand, falling asleep. The more recent studies have shown that one of the biggest reasons people can’t fall asleep in this day in age is the constant light from their phones into their eyes. How can the brain know its time for sleep if you have a flashlight in your eyes in a dark room? The problem is just amplified! Too much light is going on around us and we need to be cut off!

The Solution

Now you may be thinking, what does soundproof curtains have to do with light? Well the good news is the more sound you block the more light you’re blocking as well. The two go hand and hand together. Typically around here we talk about getting blackout curtains since that helps but there’s another solution you may have overlooked. Velcro. Your awesome soundproofing blackout curtains do a fantastic job but most curtain setups have a small flaw for keeping things really dark.

Take a look at your curtains closed at night when you have a good set of blackout curtains. Do you still see light? Typically yes, on the sides are usually the biggest places light still comes in. You could get a better seal / reduce this light problem by attaching Velcro to both the curtain and your wall. Doesn’t need to be a lot either since curtains don’t move much and aren’t heavy enough to need a lot. Since you’re likely using blackout curtains already its unlikely you’ll notice the Velcro anyway because it’ll be out of sight most of the time.

A simple quick solution to help you sleep better at night!

If you don’t have blackout curtains yet checkout some of our articles about them or checkout these white curtains with 100% blackout. Never did we think someone would have the two opposite ends of colors on a curtain before but here we are!

White Blackout Curtains

The best home fashion curtains of 2015

Right now just really enjoying my curtains from Best Home Fashion. After a few months use after purchasing them, the Burgundy(Burgandy as they call it) solid thermal blackout curtains do their job and do it quite well! We’re talking like wonderful blackout because I’ve had zero sunlight issues with them up. The quality is just so well done and its truly still a favorite for me. I’ve only liked one set better than this one so far. I do hope they last and I am currently deciding on purchasing another color since they have so many. For less than the 50 dollars I spent on them for the pair of curtains I’d say it was a good investment. Though it does have one downfall is that they aren’t really noise reducing/soundproofing curtains of sorts. Too skinny for that but that’s okay because the other features out weigh this downside of things.

Quick Review of Chezmoi Collection’s – Black and White Micro Fur Curtain Set

When I look at these curtains I like the black and white color with the zebra print. I like that you can also tie back the sides if needed. I also like that the sides look thick, so you can hang them down and they should block out the sun well. It has a micro fur feeling to it and its a two piece curtain set that is imported. One is sheer and one is a normal curtain. It’s also machine washable, so that makes it easier to wash if needed. Each panel is 60-inch x 84-inch with a 18-inch valance drop.

Currently at a low low low price on Amazon right now!

Chezmoi Collection

Chezmoi Collection Black and White Micro Fur Zebra with Giraffe Design Window Curtain/Drape Set, with Sheer Backing

Quick Review of WPM’s – Luxury Dallas Jacquard Panel

What first drew me to this curtain was the design. It is very elegant. There is a short layer at the top of the curtain that is designed. It zigzags across the top of the curtain and in between the zigzags is a silky piece that hangs down in folds. The gold color adds to the elegant look of these curtains and I also like the double layers. The bottom layer is lighter than the top which accents the whole piece.

This is a 4 Piece Set for extremely low price, check it out below!

Jacquard Panel
Link to curtains: Luxury Dallas Jacquard Panel