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Review of Eclipse Suede Thermaback Blackout Panel Curtains

Here we are reviewing an Eclipse set of curtains that are highly recommended everywhere. While it’s not close to the thickest set of curtains you can find on the market they significantly help reduce noise. Eclipse themselves say the curtains block out 40% of noise which means a much better sleep. If you live on a busy street these will make your room a lot quieter at night. If you are looking for something that keeps it really quiet you may wish to search for another set of curtains.

Lets look at the benefits and features these curtains bring:

  • Blackout – Since these are 99% blackout panels, you get that sleep at night without worrying about the moonlight keeping you up.
  • Cheap – The price per panel is normal for curtains of this style even with shipping. Some variations sell for quite cheap without losing quality so a good deal.
  • High durability – With the curtains being 100% polyester these should easily last you a while.
  • Energy saving – These curtains help keep the cool air out reducing heating costs.
  • High quality – Eclipse really knows curtains and it’s seen with these set of curtains.
  • Light weight – Two panels will be easily supported under a 3/4th-inch diameter rod set.
  • Noise reduction – Eclipse made the effort in making sure these really help reduce noise coming in.
  • Machine washable!
  • 3 Lovely colors Black, Chocolate, and Gold!

Overall these are a nice set of curtains if you’re looking to help block out some noise and have a better night sleep. Even if you decide you don’t like them after purchase their decent low price won’t make you feel you have burned a hole in your wallet. However you won’t regret purchasing these!

You can buy them straight from amazon and is even eligible for free shipping with Amazon Prime members!

Remember you are only purchasing one panel so make sure to get a second one if covering a bigger window.

Amazon: Eclipse Suede 40-Inch by 84-Inch Thermaback Blackout Panel