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Curtain Spiders

Halloween Curtains!

With Halloween in just a few weeks it’s time to think about making your house extra spooky or maybe just more fun to celebrate the holiday. With the fake spider webs, pumpkins, and spooky ghosts flying from trees what could be added to complete the decorations? Halloween Curtains!

Heritage has put up several styles of Halloween specific curtains on sale for you to select from!

If you like ghosts like me perhaps these would fit your house well. Though they may seem just a bit too friendly.
Curtain Ghosts
Heritage Curtain (Ghosts)Heritage Halloween Curtains (Ghosts)

So perhaps you’re more of a spider person then you may want to select these instead. Would probably look great at night with some fake spider webbing and some low lighting.

Curtain Spiders
Heritage Curtain (Spiders)Heritage Halloween Curtains (Spiders)

They also have a witch and skeleton curtain style as well for sale (just click on one of the links above to see the other selections). The curtains themselves go for around twenty dollars a panel so not really cheap if you’re looking to keep the spending low. They are definitely worth it though if you’re looking to decorate your house for Halloween even more than any of your neighbors. As for the curtains themselves they are just an October curtain as it’s not made to be year round unless you just love Halloween that much. However the curtains are machine washable which is good especially with everyone walking around with caramel apples. 😛

Have a safe and joyful Halloween! Ohhh and don’t forget to get a pumpkin to carve!Pumpkins