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Curtain Rod Selection

If you are looking what types of curtain rods to get a few tips here should help you out.

  1. If you are looking to get very thick and heavy curtains then you should shoot for a 1-inch diameter rod especially if you plan on scaling across a big window. A good example of such a rod is like this: 1-Inch Diameter Rod Set
  2. 3/4-inch diameter rods can still support a lot of heavier curtains but you may want to check out reviews before buying to make sure there are no complaints about bending with certain types of curtains.
  3. 1/2-inch diameter rods should be avoided at all costs as most will be flimsy, cheap, and something is going to give way when you’re putting up your nice set of curtains.
  4. Double Rod Sets are something you don’t see in every household but it can help put another barrier against sound as you now can put up two curtains. However usually one layer is usually sheer or a light curtain but if you don’t care for style you can do what ever you like.
  5. Umbra and Levolor are great brands for curtain rods and always have positive reviews. The various Umbra curtain rods we tested are of high quality and very solid.
  6. Watch out to make sure you don’t accidentally purchase a shower curtain rod.