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Review of Beacon Looms Austin Blackout Panel Curtains

In this review we are going over a Beacon Looms set of curtains. These curtains aren’t specifically made to block out noise but still helps out a little bit. So if you are looking to keep the room a little bit quieter and darker these are the curtains for you.

Lets review the benefits and features these curtains bring:

  • Blackout – While stated as blackout, these do let some light in during the day but not too bad.
  • Decent priced – The price per panel doesn’t go above the typical price of curtains even with shipping. Some variations sell for what would be classified as cheap but the most wanted colors will set you around a standard curtain price before shipping.
  • High durability – With the curtains being 100% polyester these should last you a while.
  • Insulating – These are specific thermal curtains to help insulate against the hot summers and cold winters.
  • Light weight – Two panels will be easily supported under a 3/4th-inch diameter rod set.
  • Noise reduction – While stated to reduce noise it would be recommended for a fairly quiet street.
  • Extra wide – Comparable to a lot of other curtain panels these are wider and cover a bigger distance.
  • 7 Various colors to choose from!

The not so good features:

  • NOT Machine washable – Will need to be dry cleaned.

Overall these are a good set of curtains if you’re looking to help keep the light out and room at comfortable temperatures. These are a solid quality set of curtains but not close to soundproof curtains. So if you are looking for noise reduction while on a busy street you will need to pair up with another set.

You can buy them straight from amazon and is even eligible for free shipping for Amazon Prime members!

These are panels so you will need to buy two if covering a larger window.

Amazon: Beacon Looms Austin 56-inch-by-84-inch Single Blackout Panel