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Review of Arlee’s Tuscan Stripe Thermal Backed Curtain

Autumn is here and it’s time to look for some new curtains to celebrate the season! We’re going to look at Arlee’s Tuscan Stripe Thermal Backed Curtain in this review. A well designed curtain like this is an amazing piece to add to any home. With its inviting colors, lots of features, and long lasting material this could be the curtain just for your home this season.

Let see what these curtains have in store for you if you purchase:

  • Thermal Backed – Straight off the curtain offers great insulation that can save you a bit of Arlee's Tuscan Stripe Thermal Backed Curtainmoney and keep you warm as we transition into the winter months. Of course if there’s still a few hot days left it will keep your home nice and cool if you wanted. However they are thinner than some curtains so you may want to invest in something thicker if you have really drafty windows. However in most cases the thermal backed part though will do its job quite well for you.
  • Light reduction – While these are not blackout they will help keep light incoming into the home down. So while this may not be the perfect set of curtains on a window that gets a lot of light they’ll still be perfect for the others that get less and works fine at night.
  • Machine washable – What else there is to say other than yay! No dry cleaning required for this set but you will need to make sure wash them in cold water.
  • Sound reducing – Does reduce sound a bit and is stated to do so. From what we can tell however there is no actual testing done to show that they reduce noise by a certain amount.
  • Material – The material itself is 70% polyester and 30% cotton. There have been concerns and complaints by others that they can come with wrinkles and maybe unable to get rid of them. Washing may also cause wrinkles that you can’t remove but you should be able to remove small wrinkles with an iron on very low heat.
  • Colors – The colors are amazing rich looking and just have this nice warm feeling to them. If you’re a fan of curtains that have more than just one plain color this curtain is really for you. The colors work really well together and can add to any room that you want a little more warmth and style. There are also three different color sets the curtains come in themselves: Autumn, Mocha, and Sage.

This is a nice curtain panel that’s currently on sale for 58% off which makes it even a better deal. They are currently selling for a lower price than normal on a panel right now on Amazon for the moment and ships free with Amazon Prime. Do note though that the purchase is just for one panel so if you have a bigger window you’ll need to make sure to purchase another panel. Overall if you’re a fan of rich colors and the autumn season these curtains are for you.

Take a look at the curtains here on Amazon to get them or see further reviews of the curtain. 52-Inch by 84-Inch Arlee’s Tuscan Stripe Thermal Backed Curtain (Autumn)

Deal: Faux Suede Chamois Tab Top Panel – 52% Off!

Chocolate colored curtain panel with tab tops is currently on sale for a wonderful 52% off the normal price and can be ordered with free shipping for Amazon Prime users!

Description and Information:

  • Made with polyester for easy care
  • Faux suede offers the look of real suede with easy care and durability
  • The tab top panels have a real suede feel and texture to them unlike no other set of curtains
  • Faux Suede curtains will transform your room giving it that classic elegant look
  • Machine washable on gentle cycle with cold water and tumble dry with low heat
  • Two sizes available 55″ by 63″ and 55″ by 84″ but do note that the tab tops do count in the height of the curtains
  • Both sides of the curtain are chocolate colored
  • Made by Arlee

The linked curtain panel is for the 55 by 63 panel however the 55 by 84 is less than 2 dollars more and is 57% off the normal price for that version.

See this wonderful deal here: Chocolate colored 55-Inch by 63-Inch Faux Suede Chamois Tab Top Panel

Pickup up on this delicious looking deal today! Mmmm Chocolate.