Deal: Faux Suede Chamois Tab Top Panel – 52% Off!

Chocolate colored curtain panel with tab tops is currently on sale for a wonderful 52% off the normal price and can be ordered with free shipping for Amazon Prime users!

Description and Information:

  • Made with polyester for easy care
  • Faux suede offers the look of real suede with easy care and durability
  • The tab top panels have a real suede feel and texture to them unlike no other set of curtains
  • Faux Suede curtains will transform your room giving it that classic elegant look
  • Machine washable on gentle cycle with cold water and tumble dry with low heat
  • Two sizes available 55″ by 63″ and 55″ by 84″ but do note that the tab tops do count in the height of the curtains
  • Both sides of the curtain are chocolate colored
  • Made by Arlee

The linked curtain panel is for the 55 by 63 panel however the 55 by 84 is less than 2 dollars more and is 57% off the normal price for that version.

See this wonderful deal here: Chocolate colored 55-Inch by 63-Inch Faux Suede Chamois Tab Top Panel

Pickup up on this delicious looking deal today! Mmmm Chocolate.