Types of Curtain Materials and Fabrics

Here is a listing of various types of curtain materials and fabrics you may come across.

  • Acetate – In a sense pretty much like silk except its artificially made and doesn’t fade like silk does.
  • Acrylic – This is a lightweight and soft curtain material that is considered warm and strong.
  • Bamboo – Very soft and absorbent fabric. Since the fibers of bamboo are quite short the fibers normally go through a process involving chemicals which then it gets the name bamboo rayon. Recently in the last two years there has been a crack down on naming bamboo rayon as natural bamboo fabric as its misleading.
  • Calico – Cheap type of cotton that comes in solids or various prints.
  • Chenille – A quite thick and soft yarn commonly cotton that is manufactured by placing yarn between two more piece of yarn and then twisting it together.
  • Cotton – A common and popular curtain material that woven into many different forms. As a curtain material its soft and breathable.
  • Damask – Usually made from silk and has a very unique weave to it. Damask is also very durable.
  • Dupion – Silk with a textured surface but can also be artificial silk.
  • Grosgrain – Like silk but with a stiff ribbed surface.
  • Linen – Flax spun to make a very strong cloth.
  • Satin – Silk or synthetic cotton curtain material with a very smooth surface.
  • Silk – Material made naturally from silkworms which usually fades in sunlight.


We will keep adding to the listing as time goes on. If you notice any mistakes or suggestions to add one please lets us know in the comments below! 🙂