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Deal: Trendex Home Designs Silver Curtain with Grommets – 55% Off!

A lovely silver striped curtain is currently on sale! This wonderful savings of 55% for a 54 by 63 inch curtain with grommets.

A few details about the curtain listed in this deal:

  • The deal is for the 54-inch by 63-inch version of the curtain though they do have other sizes. However the other sizes may not be on sale or if they are, at a lesser savings.
  • The deal is also for the silver version though there is 6 other lovely colors to select from: Black, Red, Taupe, Wedgewood, Cappuccino, and Loden. Selecting another color will also alter the savings however just like the size so be careful if you don’t wish to spend too much.
  • The curtain is 100% polyester and is machine washable
  • Grommets!
  • Made by Trendex Home Designs

Take a look at this 55% off deal at the link here: Trendex Home Designs 54-Inch by 63-Inch Curtain with Grommets (Silver)

If you’re a fan of silver and stripes this maybe the curtain for you!

Deal: Triangle Home Fashions Butterfly Dreams Curtain – 60% Off!

Beautiful designed curtain with embroidered butterflies on faux silk is currently on sale! Normally really pricey in terms of curtains but with this deal gives you an awesome 60% off! Just a few left in stock currently at this low price that has free shipping if you have an Amazon Prime membership!

Description and information about this deal:

    • Each panel is 40″ x 84″ to easily cover most panels in your home
    • Comes in a warm feeling Beige and Taupe color
    • The fabric used is faux silk which gives you an elegant look at a reasonable price
    • This deal does come with 2 panels and 2 tiebacks.
    • Dry clean only
    • Made by Triangle Home Fashions

You can review this awesome 60% off deal here: Triangle Home Fashions 84-Inch Butterfly Dreams Curtains

Spring is still here for another month and nothing can remind me more of Spring than butterflies!

Review of Ellis Curtain’s Fireside Tab Top Thermal Insulated Drapes

In this review we are looking at the Fireside Tab Top Patio Door Thermal Insulated Drapes by Ellis Curtain. If you’re looking for something nice to cover your patio doors during all seasons this maybe the curtain set for you. Even if you aren’t looking for something on patio doors it seems to be a good set for even the bedroom environment especially if you have tall windows.

The important good details first:

  • Natural Fireside Tab Top DrapesTab tops – The 3 and a half inch tab tops makes it easy for the curtains to be open and close while looking very stylish at the same time.
  • Over-sized – These are quite the big set of curtains/drapes coming in at 160″ overall width which is from two 80″ panels combined. They come in at around 84″ length to easily cover patio doors and tall windows.
  • Colors – 5 amazingly looking colors to choose from to fit your life style: Plaid, Natural(displayed), Red, Sage, and of course a lovely Blue.
  • Made in the USA!
  • Foam backing – Creates a nice set of thermal insulated curtains which saves money during both the winter/summer seasons from lower heating/cooling costs.
  • Light blocking – During the day they let in a little bit of light but during the night time they block everything out. So not fully blackout but in a lot of ways does a great job at keeping a good balance for people who don’t want to completely shut out the natural light.
  • Sound reducing – Thanks to the foam backing and nice heavyweight cotton face they will reduce sound a bit
  • Nice smooth draping effect – Only comes from the heavyweight cotton and isn’t as possible by other types

The real downfalls with the curtains/drapes themselves is the price and the fact that they are Dry Clean Only but that’s not surprising due to the material used. However for such a high quality set of curtains the price isn’t really a factor if you want to get something that looks amazing in your home.

Overall though a great set of curtains made by Ellis Curtain which produces its curtains right here in the USA as compared to a lot of competitors. While fairly pricey at over a hundred dollars for the set the quality effort does show and by user reviews, quite loved. These curtains also have nice Amazon Prime shipping which of course is always an awesome plus!

Amazon: Fireside Tab Top 160-Inch-by-84-Inch Patio Door Thermal Insulated Drapes

Regal Home Collections Olympia Jacquard Grommet Panel – 19% Off!

Brick colored curtain panel is currently on sale for 19% off the normal price and Amazon Prime users can get free shipping!

Description and Information:

  • Simple installation
  • Will fit decorative rod up to 1-1/2-inch in diameter
  • The only have one size that measures 54-inch by 84-inch
  • 100% Polyester curtains
  • Change the look of your room with this updated damask pattern window curtain in contemporary tone on tone colors
  • Does let in light so not blackout if you’re looking for a curtain that has this feature
  • This is for a single panel not a set
  • Made by Regal Home Collections
Brick Colored Olympia Jacquard Grommet Panel
Brick Colored

Link to the deal for purchase: Brick Colored Regal Home Collections 54-Inch by 84-Inch Olympia Jacquard Grommet Panel

Comes in 4 other colors as seen below (click the pictures to see much bigger versions) but note that these are not on sale at the moment. However for the already low price it maybe worth it.

Purple Colored Olympia Jacquard Grommet PanelGreen Colored Olympia Jacquard Grommet PanelBeige Colored Olympia Jacquard Grommet PanelCopper Colored Olympia Jacquard Grommet Panel

Update: Unfortunately this curtain deal has ended and the curtains are at normal price again but are still amazing looking.

Deal: Faux Suede Chamois Tab Top Panel – 52% Off!

Chocolate colored curtain panel with tab tops is currently on sale for a wonderful 52% off the normal price and can be ordered with free shipping for Amazon Prime users!

Description and Information:

  • Made with polyester for easy care
  • Faux suede offers the look of real suede with easy care and durability
  • The tab top panels have a real suede feel and texture to them unlike no other set of curtains
  • Faux Suede curtains will transform your room giving it that classic elegant look
  • Machine washable on gentle cycle with cold water and tumble dry with low heat
  • Two sizes available 55″ by 63″ and 55″ by 84″ but do note that the tab tops do count in the height of the curtains
  • Both sides of the curtain are chocolate colored
  • Made by Arlee

The linked curtain panel is for the 55 by 63 panel however the 55 by 84 is less than 2 dollars more and is 57% off the normal price for that version.

See this wonderful deal here: Chocolate colored 55-Inch by 63-Inch Faux Suede Chamois Tab Top Panel

Pickup up on this delicious looking deal today! Mmmm Chocolate.