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To wash or not to wash curtains!

Washing: Your curtains got dirty from just dust or perhaps someone spilled something on them. Now if they are your favorite, be on the safe side and get them dry cleaned. Often times even if a curtain says machine washable, they really aren’t. Or if they are, make sure they don’t go through the normal cycle. The delicate cycle will always be your best bet even if they are extra dirty. Not 100% sure why a lot of curtains say machine washable just to turn out not to be. You can tell after a washing if the colors have faded or you have small pieces of fabric missing. Very little damage will likely occur if it does but its still best to be careful. Some curtains will however rip and destroy themselves but those almost 99% of the time will say Dry Clean Only.


Drying: Then the dryer after cleaning. Make sure to always use just non-heated air especially if you have a thermal backing on the curtains. Soundproof curtains have such a backing and if you put these in the dryer they will likely melt and you’ll have ruined curtains afterwards. After all these backings are usually a type of plastic that melts really quickly. Plus with little room in the dryer there’s a good chance the curtain won’t move around enough to evenly distribute the heat. Instead you’ll have one part heat up a lot more than the others. If something starts to smell, turn off the dryer immediately!


After Cleaning: You may notice that after cleaning your curtains that they do not smell like the fabric softener or even the washing liquid you used. Sadly you can’t prepare for this happening besides unless you just do dry cleaning. The best option in this case is just let them hang and wait as the smell will go away. Otherwise a few squirts of febreze will help out greatly!


Keep those curtains clean and smelling fresh!

Deal: Solid Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain 52″ x 84″ – 48% Off!

An absolutely beautiful burgundy set of curtains here! This wonderful set of curtains by Best Home Fashion is currently 48% off! A wonderful color for summer and with such a huge discount it’s definitely worth it.

What this curtain is made of:

  • Features two hanging options! (back tabs and rod pocket).
  • Triple weaved fabric construction allowing for single layer, unlined thermal insulated blackout curtains. To help keep the house cool from the summer sun if you want.
  • Total blackout curtains so you keep the summer sun from shining in if you’d like.
  • Machine washable!
  • Helps reduce sound!
  • Dimensions: 104″ W x 84″ L / Panel: 52″ W x 84″ L

Is now on sale for a savings of 48%! Currently there are 9 other colors to choose from however they have different prices. Check out what they look like below!

Purchase now at Amazon:

Solid Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain 52″ x 84″

Deal: Elegant Comfort 2 Piece Solid Sheer Panel – 71% Off!

While not soundproof in any way, the sheer panel curtains are 71% Off currently! With spring now here it’s time to change those winter like curtains for new sheer curtains to now only let in the light but the breeze as well.

Lets look a bit closer at the deal:

  • This is for the 60-inch by 84-inch version of the curtain though they do have another size 40×84.
  • The deal is also for the white sheer version though there are 23 other lovely colors to select from! Selecting another color will also alter the savings and seller however so be careful if you don’t wish to spend too much.
  • The curtain is 100% polyester and is machine washable.
  • Made for 1.5 inch rods.
  • Comes with 2 panels for the same price as typically just one!
  • Made by Elegant Comfort

You can find the deal here: Elegant Comfort 2 Piece Solid White Sheer Window Curtains 60″ x 84″

white sheer curtains
The white sheer curtains are just elegant just like the company name and worth a look!

Jaclyn Love 2-Pack Chocolate Curtain with Grommets – 24% Off!

A delicious looking curtain (if you love the look of chocolate) is currently on sale for a little bit off but its such an awesome curtain best get it now! This wonderful savings of 24% for 2 – 40 by 84 inch curtain topped off with grommets.

A few details about the curtains listed in this deal:

  • The deal itself is for two 40x84inch curtains in chocolate color which is fairly cheap as its less than twenty dollars a decent size curtain.
  • The curtain is faux silk which is a nice light curtain good for any room of the house but usually more for a living room setup
  • Grommets with an inside diameter 1 5/8 inches
  • Free shipping for Amazon Prime members
  • Made by Jaclyn Love

View this delicious deal here! Jaclyn Love 2-Pack Chocolate Curtain with Grommets!

It’s still winter and if you’re looking for a curtain that reminds you of hot chocolate on those crisp cold mornings. Take a look at this curtain!

Curtain Spiders

Halloween Curtains!

With Halloween in just a few weeks it’s time to think about making your house extra spooky or maybe just more fun to celebrate the holiday. With the fake spider webs, pumpkins, and spooky ghosts flying from trees what could be added to complete the decorations? Halloween Curtains!

Heritage has put up several styles of Halloween specific curtains on sale for you to select from!

If you like ghosts like me perhaps these would fit your house well. Though they may seem just a bit too friendly.
Curtain Ghosts
Heritage Curtain (Ghosts)Heritage Halloween Curtains (Ghosts)

So perhaps you’re more of a spider person then you may want to select these instead. Would probably look great at night with some fake spider webbing and some low lighting.

Curtain Spiders
Heritage Curtain (Spiders)Heritage Halloween Curtains (Spiders)

They also have a witch and skeleton curtain style as well for sale (just click on one of the links above to see the other selections). The curtains themselves go for around twenty dollars a panel so not really cheap if you’re looking to keep the spending low. They are definitely worth it though if you’re looking to decorate your house for Halloween even more than any of your neighbors. As for the curtains themselves they are just an October curtain as it’s not made to be year round unless you just love Halloween that much. However the curtains are machine washable which is good especially with everyone walking around with caramel apples. 😛

Have a safe and joyful Halloween! Ohhh and don’t forget to get a pumpkin to carve!Pumpkins