SoundProof Curtains 101

What are Soundproof Curtains?

As people keep moving closer to work in big cities the need to help eliminate noise keeps growing. Noise comes in all forms from cars on a very busy street, loud neighbors, or people just walking by.

Soundproof curtains are all types of curtains that help block out noise but one unfortunate truth is that they can’t block out everything. You could even call these curtains noise reducing or sound reducing curtains and there are also various terms of describing the use of soundproof curtains like¬†sound isolation and sound damping.

Acoustic blankets can help out greatly though in areas where it’s hard to hear yourself think over the car noise.¬†Unfortunately no set of curtains will make a room completely soundproof even if you help out the curtains with acoustic blankets. If you are looking for a complete soundproof room there are alternatives like double pane windows, special insulation in the walls, or even different types of drywall. However if you’re looking just to help lower noise and get a better sleep while keeping the costs low then curtains are the way to go.


What are the various types of curtains?

There are several that we look at on this site and review like fairly thin living room curtains that help reduce the noise a little. On the opposite end there are theater and acoustic curtains that block out a lot more however these are usually a lot more costly. Several curtains will come with various layers like foam or vinyl that can help silence that annoying noise. The curtains with multiple layers even if thin are the ones that have the best results. We also cover double curtain setups which reduce noise even more and are becoming a popular trend to reduce the noise even further.


What helps out curtains to make the room even more soundproof?

  • Double pane windows – Separated by a spacer of air or gas can help reduce noise significantly. If you are in an extremely noisy area you may want to look into such windows right away. Note however that such windows can be quite costly but can save you money on heating and cooling costs.
  • Window blinds – Any type of window blinds will reduce some noise coming in but don’t expect miracles. A way to look at it is adding another layer for less noise to get in before hitting your soundproof curtains.
  • Acoustic blankets – Help significantly in reducing noise however they will completely block out the window. These are usually vinyl-coated quilted fiberglass.


What are benefits of such curtains besides reducing noise?

  • Blackout – Stops light day and night from coming in allowing you to get a more restful sleep.
  • Insulating – Various curtain types help reduce heating and cooling costs which is also usually a benefit from being blackout. Some curtains though are specifically made to help reduce such costs.
  • High durability – Due to the materials usually used with soundproof curtains they have a much higher durability and will last you a very long. You also don’t have to worry about fading like silk curtains.


Make sure to check out Tips section for more in-depth help about things like rod selection and what to avoid.