Here is a listing of Tips and information regularly updated to help you out in selecting those perfect curtains or learning about soundproofing in general:

What kind of curtains help to keep a room cool?

With the insanely hot summer here you’re wondering to yourself, “what kind of curtains help to keep a room cool?” Well lets take a look deeper into the real problem of summer as there’s two main schools of thought of whats causing the warmth. Sunlight and Outside Air. Lets dive a bit into the problems with […]

To wash or not to wash curtains!

Washing: Your curtains got dirty from just dust or perhaps someone spilled something on them. Now if they are your favorite, be on the safe side and get them dry cleaned. Often times even if a curtain says machine washable, they really aren’t. Or if they are, make sure they don’t go through the normal […]

Soundproofing your home from the outside!

Soundproofing a house can be an overwhelming task especially in area with lots of noise from traffic, parks, or the local college party town on Friday night. You’ve perhaps put up soundproof curtains and made sure the house is blocking the noise from the outside but it just isn’t enough. If you live in an […]

Soundproofing Quick Tip #3 – Furniture and Art!

Soundproofing Quick Tip #3 Here’s another quick tip to help soundproof your room or rooms to make it just a tab bit quieter. When soundproofing windows and curtains you may not be able to do everything you want to help keep your living space as peaceful as possible. Perhaps you rent so you can’t change […]

Keep cool during the summer months with curtains!

Summer heat: The good and the bad. After spending a wonderful day outside in the summer sun you’ll want to come home to a nice cool home to rest and relax the night away. Perhaps you just need to take a break for a few minutes to get something to drink. In either case when […]

Drywall and keeping out the noise!

Lets talk about the basics of drywall in your house. Drywall is your first line of defense in keeping unwanted noise from coming inside. Due to the fact that it’s a solid panel of plaster it gives great reduction to noise and a benefit towards thermal resistance. In most cases drywall between one house from […]

Do blackout curtains help with soundproofing?

Blackout curtains and soundproofing A common question asked is if blackout curtains help with soundproofing at all. In a sense yes all blackout curtains will reduce sound in a way but it will vary greatly between the types of curtains and how they were made. A curtain panel being blackout most of the time means […]

GSM? What is GSM and what does it have to do with curtains?

GSM is for paper! You may have seen stacks of paper with GSM information on it but a bit surprised to see it listed while shopping for curtains. GSM known as grams per square meter is actually used for not only paper density but fabric density as well. When looking at the GSM listed on […]

How much noise can be reduced by soundproof curtains?

STC Ratings? A common question is how much noise can actually be reduced by soundproof curtains. Before we can answer this however we must look at a term used to rate soundproofing materials like curtains, drywall, and windows. STC or also known as Sound Transmission Class is a rating of how well airborne sound is […]

Soundproofing Quick Tip #2

While looking into soundproofing a room you may want to investigate how the noise is coming in. In this quick tip we’ll go over a very common overlooked issue of holes and cracks. Not only can spending 30 minutes fixing these issues help reduce outside noise but also reduce heating and cooling costs. Around windows […]

Soundproofing Quick Tip #1

Here is a soundproofing quick tip dealing with acoustics. When talking about acoustic soundproofing or acoustic treatment of a room you are looking to improve the quality of sound within the room itself. This is done by breaking up the sound waves and so there is less reflections/bouncing of sound which in return helps eliminates […]

Types of Curtain Materials and Fabrics

Here is a listing of various types of curtain materials and fabrics you may come across. Acetate – In a sense pretty much like silk except its artificially made and doesn’t fade like silk does. Acrylic – This is a lightweight and soft curtain material that is considered warm and strong. Bamboo – Very soft […]

Sound Absorption and Soundproofing. What’s the difference?

This quick tip is to help you out to determine what you are looking for. Note that in many places people use these two terms synonymously which can be confusing. If however when looking at a product it’s stated for one or the other the company usually knows what they are specifying. Sound Absorption: With […]

Coated vs uncoated curtains and what to look for

While looking at various types of curtains you may have noticed some say uncoated on them or coated with a number but not sure what exactly they mean by this.   Uncoated – Composed of polyester or cotton or even a combination of both can help provide a nice touch to the living room. These […]

Curtain Rod Selection

If you are looking what types of curtain rods to get a few tips here should help you out. If you are looking to get very thick and heavy curtains then you should shoot for a 1-inch diameter rod especially if you plan on scaling across a big window. A good example of such a […]

What to avoid in soundproof curtain selection

The number one mistake in curtain selection is based on price. Just because it’s high priced or says it has good quality doesn’t really mean much. Getting a really pricey set of curtains that look nice may end up to be almost as thin as a piece of paper. This doesn’t block out any sound […]