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Review of Arlee’s Tuscan Stripe Thermal Backed Curtain

September 30th, 2012

Autumn is here and it’s time to look for some new curtains to celebrate the season! We’re going to look at Arlee’s Tuscan Stripe Thermal Backed Curtain in this review. A well designed curtain like this is an amazing piece to add to any home. With its inviting colors, lots of features, and long lasting material this could be the curtain just for your home this season.

Let see what these curtains have in store for you if you purchase:

  • Thermal Backed – Straight off the curtain offers great insulation that can save you a bit of Arlee's Tuscan Stripe Thermal Backed Curtainmoney and keep you warm as we transition into the winter months. Of course if there’s still a few hot days left it will keep your home nice and cool if you wanted. However they are thinner than some curtains so you may want to invest in something thicker if you have really drafty windows. However in most cases the thermal backed part though will do its job quite well for you.
  • Light reduction – While these are not blackout they will help keep light incoming into the home down. So while this may not be the perfect set of curtains on a window that gets a lot of light they’ll still be perfect for the others that get less and works fine at night.
  • Machine washable – What else there is to say other than yay! No dry cleaning required for this set but you will need to make sure wash them in cold water.
  • Sound reducing – Does reduce sound a bit and is stated to do so. From what we can tell however there is no actual testing done to show that they reduce noise by a certain amount.
  • Material – The material itself is 70% polyester and 30% cotton. There have been concerns and complaints by others that they can come with wrinkles and maybe unable to get rid of them. Washing may also cause wrinkles that you can’t remove but you should be able to remove small wrinkles with an iron on very low heat.
  • Colors – The colors are amazing rich looking and just have this nice warm feeling to them. If you’re a fan of curtains that have more than just one plain color this curtain is really for you. The colors work really well together and can add to any room that you want a little more warmth and style. There are also three different color sets the curtains come in themselves: Autumn, Mocha, and Sage.

This is a nice curtain panel that’s currently on sale for 58% off which makes it even a better deal. They are currently selling for $16.67 a panel right now on Amazon for the moment and ships free with Amazon Prime. Do note though that the purchase is just for one panel so if you have a bigger window you’ll need to make sure to purchase another panel. Overall if you’re a fan of rich colors and the autumn season these curtains are for you.

Take a look at the curtains here on Amazon to get them or see further reviews of the curtain. 52-Inch by 84-Inch Arlee’s Tuscan Stripe Thermal Backed Curtain (Autumn)Arlee's Tuscan Stripe Thermal Backed Curtain
Arlee's Tuscan Stripe Thermal Backed CurtainArlee's Tuscan Stripe Thermal Backed Curtain


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Review of Best Home Fashion’s Pinstripe Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain

March 30th, 2012


Today we’re reviewing the amazing Best Home Fashion Pinstripe Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain. This is a beautiful set of curtain good for any place within your house and could be the perfect set for you. These curtains have a good combination of features to not only reduce noise but keep costs down as well. It’s a set that should be looked into if ever wanted to have a more soundproof house.

So lets look into everything about these curtains:

  • Best Home Fashion Burgundy Pinstripe CurtainGrommet fitting – Bronze grommets with 1.6 inch inner diameter to fit most standard curtain rods. These work very well and allows easy usage of the curtains.
  • Insulating – Made to not only help reduce light coming in but really save on cooling and heating costs by give an extra layer of protection against the elements. The curtains themselves are stated to have over 32% of warmth keeping properties which really high compared to most which can be half that.
  • Blackout – When they stated this curtain was blackout they weren’t kidding as there is absolutely no way light will come through these curtains. At 99.9% blackout of light these will make sure you have a light-less sleep so a really good set for the bedroom.
  • Machine washable and that’s always a plus!
  • Sound reducing – Thanks to the several layer weave and being made to not only be blackout but insulated as well the curtains reduce quite a bit of noise.
  • Soft – To give you that warm cozy feeling you’ve always wanted at home especially during the winter these curtains will not disappoint. The curtains themselves are soft to the touch.
  • Color and design – Currently down to Burgundy and Navy only as Beige is no longer an option. However the design and colors could just work well for about any house and room you wanted to place them.
  • High quality – The curtains themselves are 100% polyester and made by Best Home Fashion which has a great history of making some quite amazing set of curtains that can last you quite a while.


This set is one of the nicer noise reducing curtains we’ve seen with an stunning beautiful burgundy color. If you’re a pin stripe curtain fan as well you’ll definitely want to check these curtains out! The curtains themselves are also on sale currently on Amazon for almost 70% off and look to be going fast at a low price of $24.99. A very good purchase for any new home owner looking to add a beautiful set of curtains to their house or apartment owner looking to reduce some city noise.

You can buy them on Amazon here: Best Home Fashion’s Pinstripe Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain (Burgundy)Pinstripe Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain
Pinstripe Thermal Insulated Blackout CurtainPinstripe Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain

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Review of Ellis Curtain’s Fireside Tab Top Thermal Insulated Drapes

January 20th, 2012

In this review we are looking at the Fireside Tab Top Patio Door Thermal Insulated Drapes by Ellis Curtain. If you’re looking for something nice to cover your patio doors during all seasons this maybe the curtain set for you. Even if you aren’t looking for something on patio doors it seems to be a good set for even the bedroom environment especially if you have tall windows.

The important good details first:

  • Natural Fireside Tab Top DrapesTab tops – The 3 and a half inch tab tops makes it easy for the curtains to be open and close while looking very stylish at the same time.
  • Over-sized – These are quite the big set of curtains/drapes coming in at 160″ overall width which is from two 80″ panels combined. They come in at around 84″ length to easily cover patio doors and tall windows.
  • Colors – 5 amazingly looking colors to choose from to fit your life style: Plaid, Natural(displayed), Red, Sage, and of course a lovely Blue.
  • Made in the USA!
  • Foam backing – Creates a nice set of thermal insulated curtains which saves money during both the winter/summer seasons from lower heating/cooling costs.
  • Light blocking – During the day they let in a little bit of light but during the night time they block everything out. So not fully blackout but in a lot of ways does a great job at keeping a good balance for people who don’t want to completely shut out the natural light.
  • Sound reducing – Thanks to the foam backing and nice heavyweight cotton face they will reduce sound a bit
  • Nice smooth draping effect – Only comes from the heavyweight cotton and isn’t as possible by other types

The real downfalls with the curtains/drapes themselves is the price and the fact that they are Dry Clean Only but that’s not surprising due to the material used. However for such a high quality set of curtains the price isn’t really a factor if you want to get something that looks amazing in your home.

Overall though a great set of curtains made by Ellis Curtain which produces its curtains right here in the USA as compared to a lot of competitors. While fairly pricey at around $105-$120 for the set the quality effort does show and by user reviews, quite loved. These curtains also have nice Amazon Prime shipping which of course is always an awesome plus!

Amazon: Fireside Tab Top 160-Inch-by-84-Inch Patio Door Thermal Insulated DrapesFireside Tab Top 160-Inch-by-84-Inch Patio Door Thermal Insulated Drapes

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Review of Decor Innovation’s Insulated Blackout Curtain Set

August 11th, 2011

Decor Innovation loves making curtains and it shows in the set we are reviewing today. These are specifically made to help reduce noise and cooling costs and look to be a great buy for anyone looking to get a nice set of curtains.

Here are the benefits and features these curtains bring:

  • Blackout – 99% Blackout to allow you to control how much or how little light you want any time of the day. No problems at all of light sneaking its way through on even the brightest day.
  • Well priced – Currently with shipping you’re looking to be spending a bit over $60 dollars for the entire set. It’s a set and not a panel so no worries about needing to spend an additional $60 for another panel.
  • High quality – The quality in these curtains really show and when they said Hotel quality curtains they weren’t kidding.
  • Insulating – Specifically made to help insulate from heat and cold helping you reduce heating and cooling costs. You will make some of your investment back with these curtains.
  • Noise reduction – Does reduce noise by at least 30%!
  • 4 lovely elegant looking colors to choose from: Navy, Gold, Burgundy, and Beige. There are also other similar variations to this set that have several more colors to choose from too.
  • Machine washable! In cold water of course.


Overall these are a wonderful set of curtains if you want to keep the light out any time of the day. With the specific design to help insulate you can keep the room at comfortable temperatures. An additional and most important benefit in my mind is the noise reduction. These will help quiet down busy areas and make sleep time far more enjoyable! Also almost forgot to include that these curtains look amazing and really standout well.

While you can buy these currently at Decor Innovation’s own site you get to save at least 5 dollars by buying through Amazon.

Amazon: Energy Saving Insulated Blackout Curtain Set by Decor InnovationDecor Innovation Blackout Curtain Set
Decor Innovation Blackout Curtain SetDecor Innovation Blackout Curtain Set

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Coated vs uncoated curtains and what to look for

August 8th, 2011

While looking at various types of curtains you may have noticed some say uncoated on them or coated with a number but not sure what exactly they mean by this.


Uncoated – Composed of polyester or cotton or even a combination of both can help provide a nice touch to the living room. These are usually very tightly woven fabric that does provide some benefits like heat insulation and some light absorption. However most of the time since the fabric is not thick enough or closely woven enough it is unable to block out all of direct sunlight. You will likely see a variable amount of  light coming in depending on the time of day(or night) and thickness of the curtain itself. Curtains of this type do not block out noise as well as coated curtains which is why looking for blackout curtains is usually a better bet as those are coated 90% of the time.


Coated – Similiar to an uncoated curtain with the same fabric types however coated has a pass or three of a liquefied rubber polymer. Coated curtains usually shoot for two main benefits, blackout and heat reduction. On a single pass of coated fabric you are looking at 50-60% blackout. After three passes though you get a wonderful 99-100% blackout which really means no light will be coming in, in any situation. You sometimes can notice this coating on curtains usually on the backside(or what faces the window) where the coating took place as it feels a bit different from the front.


When looking for a good set of curtains if you’re deciding between two selections and one states that it has been 3 pass coated vs the other then definitely go with that one. It will not only save you money but allow you to have a much more enjoyable sleep anytime you want to.

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